Nice To Meet Everybody!

2019.3.25 保育士自己紹介

Nice To Meet Everybody!

こんにちは!アメリカのサンディエゴから来た英語講師の Alexandra Stoferです。ニックネームはイノです。






Hello! My name is Alexandra Stofer. I’m from San Diego, America but my nickname is Ino.

During my forth year studying at UCSD (University of California San Diego) I had studied for a year at Keio University. While studying abroad I was able to make a lot of long lasting memories, so even after graduating I had decided that I want to stay in Japan long term.

I will be working as an English teacher here at Avenir Nursery School in hopes of using my English abilities to work with children.

For my first day, I was allowed to take part in the daily walk and was able to speak a bit of English with the children. I had a great deal of fun. I’m looking forward to the day that the children get used to hearing English in their everyday life.

I’ll try  my best to report all the fun things the children and I will do on  the blog .

Thank you.