Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

Company-led nursery school under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office

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Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

Parents’ comments

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Here are some of the comments
we have received from parents who joined us.

The two-year-old

  • My child started speaking English and Chinese at home which I had never taught.That’s helped him to absorb a lot of different languages.
  • Antigen check kits, PCR check kits were issued. I think the nursery is taking the response to the various very seriously.
  • They have even started practicing using chopsticks and I am surprised at the speed of their growth at Avenir Nursery School.
  • I was surprised at a luxurious Christmas present. He played with them all through the New Year. I also receive a pair of socks at a new year.
  • They wear cooling waistcoats for summer walks,They were able to go to walk while other nurseries are not allowed to . I was grateful that they did.
  • I can choose cute clothes when my son goes to school because they have own uniform at nursery.
  • Child can change clothes all by themself, so I leave it to my son. The toilet training will be start when child became on year old, so now they can almost stay in their panties.
  • The nursery gives us DVD with English-Chinese lessons with subtitles.It’s so helpful to understand what he sings at home.
  • I am amazed at how much English and Chinese the children have learned.

The one-year-old

  • I think the Montessori time may have had an effect on my daughter.She started concentrating on one thing at home after two months of attending the school.She is now able to sit down for a long time and also becoming more aware of tidying up.
  • I don’t have to buy anything. For the many events such as A Halloween, because the children have lovely costumes at nursery.
  • I like the Hinamatsuri dolls and Kabuto helmets, which give a sense of the season. Also the Christmas tree is surprisingly gorgeous.
  • She doesn’t brush teeth at home, but seems to do it enthusiastically with her friends at nursery.
  • There are many unique events as well as a common annual event.
  • The summer festival was a real summer festival, even indoors. She were happy with each corners and got the prizes, and played happily with them.
  • I was relieved as I heard the children wash their hands with a warm water during cold seasons.

The zero-year-old

  • She has to change her school uniform every day,my daughter raises her arms and turns her head to face her collar when she changes at home.Maybe its because she has a many chance to change the cloth and her school uniform daily.
  • The webcam now allowed me to see what was going on in my child’s class, even in other classes during joint classes or events.
  • It’s helped us to understand what and how my daughter spend a time at nursery through a daily comment from the nursery.
  • I was surprised that it is not necessary to bring any belongings from home.
  • The baby meals are carefully monitored so that they can progress smoothly to the toddler food.
  • The DVD we received from the nursery is fun and bery helpful to communicate with my kid at home with the webcam.
  • It was reassuring to see the expressions on the children’s faces.
  • I can see how well the staff get on with each other. I was worried about joining a licensed nursery school, but the atmosphere was very good, so I decided to go to Avenir Nursery School. So I decided to join the Avenir .nursery school.
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