Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

Company-led nursery school under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office

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Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

Avenir’s Initiative

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Nursery Goals

Developing lifestyle habit and social skills
Assisting the entry point to learning “I want to try! ”
Self-consciousness and a willingness to challenge himself

Daily Schedule

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Reasons for choosing English and Chinese

In the world of brain science, research has shown that children who are brought up in a multilingual environment from infancy tend to perform better in school childhood. At Avenir Nursery School, we have introduced a trilingual education in their mother tongue, as well as English and Chinese, which are now essential around the world.

Although it hears a voice to be confused when they study three languages at same time,it is effective at all to learn by beautiful pronunciation for the infants period of “the golden age of the language learning”.The children at this age absorb knowledge from their surroundings like sponges and are able to imitate the pronunciation directly from their ears.The Avenir Nursery School locates full-time English and Chinese language instructors.

There for the children learn the three languages by learning English and Chinese during their daily childcare activities.

Why choose Montessori?

Montessori education is one of the adapted methods of education that in late years,in Japan. Among the celebrities who have received this education are Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Jeff Besos, founder of Amazon, and Sota Fujii, a Shogi player.They have been active in many fields in recent years.

Parents always ask, “Is it too early for Montessori at one year old?” “Will my child be able to sit up?” “Will my child be able to concentrate?”.The parents at our nursery told us that “My son is concentrating on one thing” “I am surprised to see my daughter puts her chair in properly”.

Of course, each child is an individual with many different characteristics. We always listen from children. We believe in the importance of placing children in Montessori care from an early age, where their unspoken thoughts, such as “Why is that?” “I want to do this”, are respected and their individual progress is assisted.

What we value at Avenir Nursery School.

【Noticing children’s feelings ~Perspectives~】
We observe“What each child sees now, What they think about, What they accomplish” and communicate repeatedly.
We assiste their day to become “The master of self”through supporting a dress-up,an evacuation and a verbal communication in our setting.
【Supporting Children’s “I want to grow up!” ~Materials~】
Each day each child discovers what they want to do and chooses from a wide range of attractive matrials and works independently. Through motivated repetition of activities, They learn repeatedly from their environment and spend more time with concentration concentrating. And then set a slightly harder challenge! which leads to self-development.
【Pleasing together with children’s “I’ve done it!” ~Thoughts~】
Each child expresses a full of joy when they achieved from what they work on “I did it !” “I did it by myself !!”.We support “to choose and to finish” by themselves.Also,It important to set up a slight difficult challenge for each child to move on to the next step on their own.

Language Program

We have ‘foreign language time’,through the English and Chinese are incorporated into the daily routine in our nursery, and involve the instructor in the usual childcare.Although infants are not yet at the stage of learning, children who live such an environment learn English and Chinese as words naturally, without any awareness that they are foreign languages. This is the very basic language environment you are always at.The children enjoys and learns experience foreign nursery rhymes, games and culture in this setting, We then also strive to create a rich and enjoyable environment to communicate in various experiences by introducing oneself,writing names or understanding instructions

●Japanese, English and Chinese
The children learn to communicate in Japanese, English and Chinese, to understand greetings, teacher’s words in various experiences by understanding instructions or vocabraries of surroundings.(color, numbers, shapes, weather, feelings and personal objects) and introducing themselves,reading and writing as well.


Montessori education is an educational method developed by the Italian physician Maria Montessori, she discovered that “each child has an inner desire for their own development” while researching treatment methods for handicapped children.
This method provides children to allow to choose and work on “The hands on activities”,where based on the physical and human environment.The materials should always be attractive to them and feel secure in their environment.
The human environment includes adults who observe and accept each child’s individual feelings and desires (sensitive period). The physical environment includes teaching materials and tools called ‘work’, which are adapted to the age and interests of each child. These lead their development and are also encouraged self-confidence and self-discipline by using these naturally in their daily routine.

Exercise Program

It is said that motor development and intelligence development are proportional to each other, therefor exercise using the whole body is important factor from infancy.
In order to cultivate the ability to control ones body according to sound and rhythm to promote physical strength and development due to lack of exercise we have built a large curriculum that involvers mat exercises, balance beam, jump box, etc. We have also introduced circuit training to improve strength and endurance.


We will carry out experiments and observations by asking children questions they want answers to such as “What is this?” “What is going on?” There are many things around us that are the basis of science, such as water, air, heat, and sound. For example, you will experience the nature of aqueous solutions and the experiment of static electricity, experience the fun of trying, and develop the ability to think, express, and socialize by learning while having fun.


Preschoolers can understand numbers visually and can develop self-confidence, concentration, attention, patience, memory, and information processing skills. They can develop their right-brain, which processes information starting with educational toys. By making brain active we can lay the foundation for learning that enhances brain functions, which will change the structure of the brain for the better.

Emotional Education

A nursery school is a place for children to live with other children and experience their first group activities.
We will continue to support children so that they can express their compassion as a person that can say words of gratitude like “Thank you” and when they make mistakes they can say “I’m sorry.”
We will lead the children to having a gentle heart by learning the value of life of insects, animals, and plants, fostering appreciation for food by cooking, recycling familiar things, learning the importance of using things.

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