Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

Company-led nursery school under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office

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Avenir nursery school is a nursery school that intergrates both nursery and cram school elements together.

What is Avenir?

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Basic Principle

  • 01Self-Affirmation

    The child will learn to pave their own future path. Learn to affirm their own existence and cultivate a self-affirmation so they can think for themselves, allowing them to choose and act with confidence.

  • 02Safety and security first

    In a homely and relaxing childcare environment we will help the children and their families to grow a closer, tighter bond so the family members can feel at ease. The child will be able grow physically and mentally.

  • 03Global language ability

    In response to the advancement of an internationalized society, the child will naturally acquire “the communicative power between people” through childcare, which is important in our daily lives.

  • 04Forever keeping the hometown that is within their heart

    Anyone who has grown up as a child has a nostalgic experience of places, people, or things. It is a hometown where you are always welcomed with a warm smile that makes you want to stop by and remember it. It will also be a place to continue challenging new things and connecting to the future.


About Us

Avenir Nursery is a Nursery that Meets the Guidance and Supervision Standards for Non-Licensed Childcare Facilities in Tokyo.

From 2018 running to 2020 the current year, our nursery has received a certificate that satisfies the on-site survey for non-authorized facility supervision standards.


About Equipment

Nursery Room
Nursery Room

A floor heating system, a commercial humidifier, a commercial air cleaner and a universal design toilet are installed on each floor at a newly built tenant.
This is a daycare room where everyday is a clean and exciting day for both children and adults.
We have a medical office for children to use when they are not feeling well, and a waiting room is available so that parents can talk in a calm enviroment.

Nursery Room
Equipped with AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
Equipped with AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

MEDIC First Aid is recognized by many public institutions and organizations and is a worldwide qualification through international service offices in five countries.

Physical Examination and Physical condition Management

We will carry out spring and autumn health examinations and strive to manage the physical condition of the very important children.
If you think your child feels unwell, please be assured that our staff will be able to accompany you to the following hospitals.

Nursery Doctor

Pediatrics in the Neighborhood

・Pediatrics Tsuda Pediatrics Clinic

In addition, a fast doctor (family medical consultation) is available for children using our nursery. Medical consultations for children are available from 19:00 to 23:00 on weekdays. If you think you need to see a doctor, you can have a doctor visit you at home to have a checkup.

  • 1. Consult about nighttime health concerns
  • 2. Medical staff advises you and informs you about nearby emergency hospitals.
  • 3. If you think you need a medical examination a examination can be done at your home.
  • 4. If you have a prescription, the pharmacist will deliver it to your home the next morning.

Please feel free to use if you have any concerns about your child.


We have liability insurance and accident insurance for children.

Web Camera Installed
Web Camera Installed

You can check the status of your child even during busy hours so you can watch the childs growth even when you are away.

Crime Prevention Measures for Children
Crime Prevention Measures for Children

At Avenir, we will install an intercom with a camera inside the facility and check the faces of the visitors before unlocking the auto lock.
Also, please be assured that we have introduced SECOM as a security system in the entire nursery.

We make use of a communication system using smartphones and tablets (CODMON).
We Make Use of a Communication System Using Smartphones and Tablets (CODMON).

With just one smartphone, you can check the situation in the nursery anytime and anywhere and we can also contact each other individually, so you do not need a contact book and you can keep a close communication.

About Childrens Photos
About Childrens Photos

The staff who spend every day in the nursery capturing the precious facial expressions of everyday moments and events. You can purchase such photos from the CODMON application.

About Bedding
About Bedding

The use of a cot bed will always be clean, secure and to reduce the risk of sleeping face-down. Sheets, covers and comforters are also available at the nursery.

*You can also use comforters at home.

About the Cot Bed

About Staff

All Staff Have a Childcare Qualification or are Soon to Acquire a Childcare Qualification.

  • 1st Floor 1 Year Olds
  • 2nd Floor 2 Year Olds
1st Floor 1 Year Olds

By accumulating “along with English” and “along with Chinese” the children can gradually work on English and Chinese as a curriculum.
The words absorbed through the ears of the children also promote the growth of a two-year-old child who enjoys having a conversation.

2nd Floor 0 Year Olds

Infancy is the most important time to build the foundation of your mind. Based on that foundation, we will establish basic lifestyles in a fun everyday life. Among them, we will implement “…while in English” and “…while in Chinese” that are suitable for infancy, and naturally learn the global language at this time where absorbing by listening is the fastest.

2nd Floor 2 Year Olds

We have English and Chinese native speaking teachers.
In order to strengthen the educational element, we also have experienced kindergarten teachers to help create a curriculum of childcare + education with teamwork between staff members so that the child can have fun, move a lot and have conversations in everyday life and during playtime. We will watch over and support the children as they absorb all the experience and feelings.

* Currently, we are not admitting infants (3 to 5 years old).

Mixed-age Childcare

Small children learn from admiring and imitating older children, and the older children are happy and proud to be useful for someone, and are willing to take leadership.

This precious experience can only be concentrated during the nursery school days.

At Avenir, we will also introduce mixed-age childcare to nurture the mind in a “society called children” and develop the ability to survive in the future.

*We also carry out activities according to age-specific development.

About Food Education

It is Said That Meals During Early Childhood Have a Great Influence on the Later Development of Personality and Growth.

Dishes and treats created with affection will not only help children develop healthy bodies, but also enrich their hearts and senses.

Under the supervision of the chef, we provide food and snacks with the nutritional value that suits the growth of children by collecting ingredients and incorporating the current season into them. We also provide snacks.

We will monitor the children during school lunch and will inform families of the education.
(Food composition table and detailed nutritional value are also available.)

In addition, based on the school environmental hygiene standards, our nursery conducts and records water quality tests for appearance, odor, taste, etc. before and after cooking.

*The fun menu is a menu that the chef occasionally provides as a surprise so that children can enjoy it!

Packed with Unique and Exciting Events

By implementating unique events in Chinese and English countries the children can have fun experiences that stimulates their excitement etc.
By implementating unique events in Chinese and English countries the children can have fun experiences that stimulates their excitement etc.

In early childhood yeasrs when the five senses are fully utilized and absorbed the nursery teacher takes the initiative in thinking about a plan that can be enjoyed by the children and enjoys it 100% along with the children. An annual event that prepares meals and snacks from the staff members hometown cuisine, while adding original arrangements so that even for kindergarten children can take part in. By nourishing the childs feeling of “I want to try” without limiting their possibilities because age. A 2-year-old may even be able to go on a trip to a theme park with friends who they spend time with everyday. May the smiles of adults become the smiles of children and have those smiles bloom at home.

Helping Out

You will be welcomed at the nursery with high energy.
You will be welcomed at the nursery with high energy.

First of all, we start the day with a smile for your children and family.
What if my child cries today…I wonder if I can go to work with peace of mind?

It’s okay. We are waiting for you with a warm smile so that the child would want to talk about what happened today on the way home even if they were crying that morning.

Easy Empty-Handed Assembly
Easy Empty-Handed Assembly

In our nursery change of clothes, diapers, meals, sheets, etc., are all prepared by the nursery.
Balancing work, housework and childcare. We hope your everyday life will be a little easier and you will have a happy time with your child at home…

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Courier Service, Shopping Service, Cleaning Service
Courier Service, Shopping Service, Cleaning Service

The staff of Avenir Nursery (Avenir Support Group) will receive/deliver the courier service, shopping (Summit Store Matsuin Shrine Entrance Store/Create Setagaya 4 Chome Store only) and cleaning (Swallow Chain Shoin Shrine Entrance Store) on your behalf.

Please use the support service to spend a meaningful time at home, such as those who are busy and unable to spare the time.
Please contact us for details.


We will do our best to meet requests such as “I like a handwritten contact book.” “I want to bring my diaper home with me to check my health.”
Please feel free to contact us.


– French for Future

Is it true?
It is believed that in nursery schools, all children play a leading role, and adults watch over them.

From large families to elementary families, basic family forms has changed, urbanization has progressed, and consultations with family members have increased year by year.
In proportion to this, society has moved to the labor problems of nursery teachers, and the environment surrounding nursery schools has changed rapidly in recent years.

What kind of smile will your child have in the future?
A childlike “child” who could climb trees, run around, get muddy and getting a little injured.
If they do something wrong then the teacher will get angry at them, they get scared and become unable to tell their parents as well.
Nowadays, there are many children who have fewer opportunities to walk, children who can not climb the stairs and there is no opportunity to move their limbs, There is a surprising number of children who are unable to use exercise mats due to a decrease in their limbs’ motility.

Along with that, a decrease in immunity has become a problem. Hasn’t it become a convenient society and that’s overprotective?
What should I cherish?
What will cultivate their ability to survive even in the future?
Our society and work are unstable in the present world, and we have a strong willingness to adapt and respond positively to new things that are coming out one after another.

When we go out into society, we want to raise “a child who can respond firmly”.

Avenir nursery school meets the needs of diversified societies, and at the same time, we are able to provide the original Japanese home to the nursery school.
The children that are important to you are all cute children that are also important to us.
Together, let’s watch over the children growth.

The Meaning Behind the Logo Mark


Logo Mark with the Concept of the Future

The Meaning Behind the Logo Mark

The logo is a three-dimensional, advanced image logo mark that combines three streamlined columns and an elliptical ring.
It is a logo design that expresses growth and development under the theme of future and space. The three pillars are designs that image the past, present, and future. The ellipse surrounding the three pillars is designed with a small heart and a large heart. The upper heart is enlarged so that the small heart below becomes a big heart for the future. The heart is a design that expresses the wishes of people. It is a logo mark that shows great potential for the future.

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